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Vaga encerrada.

Estagiário (1784410)

Estágio Salário: R$3.000,00 Mais de um mês atrás São Paulo - SP 1 vaga

Descrição da Vaga

We will trust you to:

- Work across market sectors to automate our current daily activities;
- Develop expertise in dynamic market sector information;
- Help develop and implement methods of measuring and analyzing data sets and processes;
- Work with a range of proprietary, industry standard, and open source data to craft, organize and analyze data;
- Develop research ideas, prototypes and proofs of concepts both in collaboration with other data analysts/engineers and as individually lead projects.

Empresa: Bloomberg

Benefícios: Vale Transporte, Vale Refeição, Seguro de Vida

Requisitos Necessários:
You'll need to have:

- Living/Studying in Sao Paulo
- Fluency in English
- Effective research and data analysis skills
- Strong Excel knowledge;
- Knowledge of Python programming;
- Keen interest in financial markets (though experience or finance qualification not required);
- Able to work 6 hours per day for the 1-2 years while in school/university

We would love to see:

- Fluency or advanced knowledge of Spanish;
- Interest in learning Pandas, Numpy, and other relevant Python libraries
- Interest in machine learning
- Resumes must be in English in order to be considered

Sobre a Empresa: undefined

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